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Today is Easter.

In our family, Easter is usually set aside as a day to gather with loved ones in remembrance of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and the hope therein.

Drake and I are not home today. We are not with our precious daughter. We are not with parents. We are not with siblings. We are not with our church community.

This has not been our usual Easter.

Through a whirlwind of events Drake and I felt called to hop on a plane to Kentucky for a memorial service with our Krabbe community; we booked flights and 16 hours later we were on a plane.

I wrestled significantly with the decision to leave our girl on Easter weekend. I struggled  with bowing out of our family celebration with parents and siblings.  I grappled with not worshipping together with our church community.

This has not been our usual Easter.

However, it has been a glorious Easter.

We stood alongside some of our Krabbe family, and stared death, the death of a not-quite-two-year-old girl, in the face and sang Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow. We cried together. We laughed together. We shared meals together. In the richest sense, we celebrated Easter together.

So, indeed, this was not our usual Easter, but Drake and I did, in fact, gather together with loved ones and proclaim the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, clinging profoundly to the hope therein.


4 Responses to "Not Our Usual"

  1. Cathy says:

    You have amazing hearts. Your steps of faith, friendship and love are truly inspiring. Thank you for your shared hearts and Happy Easter. He is Risen. 💗

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh Christina…..My heart aches for you and your dear friends. Each time you face death with your Krabbe Community I know you face Jud’s death anew. God is using your brave souls to touch the hearts of your sweet friends who are beginning their journey of loss. I love you each dearly.

  3. olopop23 says:

    You were in the right place!!!

  4. Simply profound…thank you for sharing the steps in your journey that help us understand the fleeting precious nature of our mortality and the eternal joy that our spirits will someday inherit.

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