Judson's Legacy

No Longer Mistaken

Even with her pink Converse and feminine features, Jessie is regularly mistaken for a boy.

Case in point, when  a friend and I were walking Balboa Island the other day, Jessie was wearing a little white shirt with a pink logo that said “I am not a BOY!”, navy blue pants, and pink tennys.  Despite the glaringly obvious indicators of her femininity, she must have been mistaken for a boy at least five times.

But that won’t happen any more.

Jessie got her ears pierced.

And though we did not do it because she was regularly mistaken for a boy, it is an added bonus that this will probably not happen much anymore.

Jessie did not love the process of getting her ears pierced (though it was not as bad as I expected), but it only took a cracker and a “you look so pretty with earrings” to make her a fan of her new jewelry.  In fact, I think she is quite proud to have earrings just like her mommy.

With or without them, I think Jessie is beautiful, but I must say, the earrings are awfully cute!!! 

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