Judson's Legacy

New Meaning

We were sitting at church on Christmas Eve singing classic Christmas carols.  Words that I have sung during this season for many years were rolling off my tongue, until a phrase in “Away in a Manger” left me speechless, with tears flooding my eyes and running down my cheeks.

Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care.
And take me to Heaven to live with Thee there.

I imagined Judson running up to Jesus and giving him an “eskimo kiss,” then Jesus gently picking his little body up off the ground, swinging him overhead, bringing him into a firm embrace.  I was struck by the fact that our sweet Mr. Handsome is now in God’s tender care, and it truly leaves me longing to be in His presence too.

As with so many things in life now, this Christmas carol takes on new meaning in light of Jud’s death.

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