Judson's Legacy

Mysterious Ways

It was quite a surreal moment when we were declared tournament champions of The American Bible Challenge!

If you had asked six months ago how we thought God might choose to expand our ministry and help fund our cause, I can assure you we would never have imagined him using a Bible game show.  His ways are truly mysterious.

In that manner, we are so aware of the gift we’ve been given.  Though we definitely had a good team, there were multiple circumstances in the tournament that swung in our favor when they could have easily gone a different direction, or we were given questions we could readily answer whereas different questions might have been more difficult.

Other teams competing were very worthy competitors for the championship title, with God-honoring causes at play, but for some reason God chose to elevate our team; we are humbled by that fact. God has poured out his grace upon us in this circumstance.  In fact, we had originally chosen not to audition for the show when given the opportunity, declining more than once, but the door kept opening wider and wider until we could no longer refuse to walk through it.

We are glad we finally stepped into the unknown, despite questions, vulnerabilities, and reservations, and we’re so grateful God was pleased to bless in this way, giving us the honor of seeing him expand his work through Judson’s life and legacy.

The victory is sweet–especially sweet because it reflects God’s unexpected grace…through a game show nonetheless!

Author: Christina

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