Judson's Legacy

My Plate

Each of us is given a “plate” in life, so to speak.  I am discovering that my Father is not as concerned about what is on my plate as much as how I handle what is on my plate and how it can help me grow into the person He wants me to be- He wants to use my plate to draw me into relationship with Him.

Many times in my life, when looking upon difficult circumstances, I have tried so hard to manipulate things so they don’t taste bitter.  But disposing of the food that doesn’t appeal to me can short circuit the work God wants to do.  It could be that those bitter foods are the best things for me, much like collard greens (yuck!), but I tend to only want to eat the sweet foods that do very little to nourish my soul.

It takes finding myself in a position where my plate can in no way be changed (I can’t bring Jud back), that has caused me to realize that God wants to use whatever the circumstances are in my life, especially the bitter, to draw me nearer to Him.  Even when we pray, we tend to focus on asking God to move in ways to circumvent our pain, and there is nothing wrong with this, but I think He is less concerned about changing our circumstances and just wants to change us.

I pray that I might handle my plate well, digesting it one bite at a time, and allow God to use it however He may choose.

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