Judson's Legacy

Missing You



Dear Judson,

It’s been five months since you left us, and I still can’t get used to living without you.

Life has its joys.  I love your mom.  I treasure your sister.  But my heart has made permanent room for three people in this world.  You’ve left a terrible hole that cannot be filled by anyone or anything else.

I know I’m going to see you again.  But I also know that things didn’t finish the way I would have wanted them to.  I didn’t get to tell you how much I was going to miss you.  I told you that I loved you again and again and again, but it wouldn’t have hurt to have said it a few more times.  I’m glad that we had so many nights together, even if I wish we would have done more talking and singing.  I really miss hearing your voice!

My heart aches, Judson.  Sure, I’m sad that the earth won’t have you-I know what a blessing you are and know you would have served the cause of the kingdom by your life.  But most of all, I’m sad that we won’t have you here.  From your mom to Jessie Girl to your cousin Carson and all of the rest of us, we miss you terribly.  I always told you that you’re a treasure-and now, everyone knows that you are and sees how grievous our loss is.

I know that the Father has me here for now-my purpose here is not finished.  Still, my heart wells up with hope and tears at the thought of seeing you again!

I love you, Jud!

Tons and tons,


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