Judson's Legacy

Little Patch of Grass

I have been averaging a visit to Judson’s gravesite about once or twice a week.  Recently many have asked me what the draw is for frequenting Space 7G in Edgewood Garden at Fairhaven Memorial Park.

I must admit that prior to Judson’s death, I did not understand what would entice someone to visit the gravesite of a loved one, especially since we know a person is no longer present with their body once they have breathed their last breath.

But I get it now!

It may be different for each person, but I have found that Jud’s burial ground tugs at me for two reasons:

First, though Judson’s soul has separated from his body, I am unable to separate him from his body.  The frame I bore from my womb, the body that I hugged, kissed, held, and cared for is laying in plot 7G.  I love that little body.  Though I cannot see it or touch it now, it is presently laid to “rest” in Edgewood Garden, and I long to be close.

Second, this 9’ x 4’ plot of land at Fairhaven Memorial Park is the only place in the world set aside just for Judson.  It is his place.  Therefore, I like to be in his place.

The strong desire to visit the gravesite of a loved one is not the same for everybody.  Though he visits periodically, Drake does not feel a similar pull to frequent Space 7G.  The grief process is different for all, but I have found that one of my favorite places in the world is now a little patch of grass in Santa Ana, CA.

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