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Little Hostess

Jessie is turning TWO on the 19th of this month!!!

We had a little party at a local park yesterday to celebrate her life in the company of some friends.  She had a fantastic time playing at the playground, eating cupcakes, opening presents and then playing with her loot (she was certainly blessed with some wonderful gifts!).

Most of all, I was proud at how well she played the role of hostess.  She welcomed all her friends when they arrived, showed genuine enthusiasm and gratitude as she opened her gifts, shared her new toys (though sometimes it was quite a sacrifice), and gave her buddies hugs and kisses when they departed.

She is growing into quite the Little Lady and we are so proud of her!!

A special thanks to all our friends who made Jessie’s day so special.  We love you!!!


7 Responses to "Little Hostess"

  1. Angela Bridgford says:

    Happy Birthday, Jessie! The pig tails definitely suit you. What a cutie!

  2. 33012 says:

    Happy Birthday Jessie! What a great party and I love your pig tails! May Glod bless you in your second year as he has blessed all of us with the gift of knowing you and your very special family.

  3. 33563 says:

    The pictures are so cute! Wishing Jessie a very happy 2nd birthday!!
    Praying for your family as always.

  4. Katrina Hickle says:

    so has she lived in pigtails these days? I can’t believe how much she grows every time you post pictures!!

  5. 33886 says:

    Happy Birthday Jessie!! Two veggie piggies to match!

  6. 36658 says:

    I love keeping up on this blog as much as Judson’s – what a sweetie! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Jessie’s life with those of us who don’t personally know your family. What a precious gift she seems to be. Happy, Happy Birthday!
    Jen Gray

  7. Jenn P. says:

    Happy Birthday, Jessie! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. We miss you!

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