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Little Blonde Boy


Jessie and I had the chance to spend yesterday morning with Isaac, a little blonde boy that is the son of a friend of mine and a buddy of Jessie’s at church.  Isaac is a sweet, well-behaved, handsome little boy just 10 months younger than Jud.


Isaac played with Judson’s trains, rode in Jud’s car, and pedaled Judson’s tricycle, but it was actually watching Jessie and Isaac play together that really brought my emotions to the surface.  Spending time with the two of them was what I had always envisioned for my two kids before Judson got sick.  They were putting the train track together, riding in the wagon together, playing in the sink together, building in the sand together, and even bickering a little bit here and there, though they clearly enjoyed one another’s company.

We even took a stroll to Starbucks, the place that Jud, Jessie, and I used to frequent, and in between sips of the hot chocolate I split for them, Jessie was mauling Isaac with hugs and kisses.


Tears sat in the corners of my eyes.

“Did he get his beautiful blue eyes from you?” a gentleman piped in from a nearby table.

“Oh, he actually isn’t my son.  But he does have beautiful eyes, doesn’t he?  This is my daughter,” I said pointing at Jessie.

Meanwhile I thought to myself, “No, my son is dead.  But this is what it might have been like if he were alive.”


**Thank you Anne for giving me permission to write about our time with Isaac.  He is truly a joy!


5 Responses to "Little Blonde Boy"

  1. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh Christina~Jessie and Issac look so sweet together…love their hearts.You know what, I think you did really good today.You are the sweetest person. You truly are.
    We so love you~
    Jean and Gary

  2. Robyn says:

    It made me cry to see Jessie with Isaac. One thing that really struck me was how "old" Isaac looked compared to how I visualize Jud. Heartbreaking to realize that we will not see him grow. Thank you for sharing this story and the pictures. Jessie looked like she was having the time of her life with her friend. Bravo to you Christina!

  3. Lora says:

    When I read your posts, Christina…I often find myself relating to you…only in different ways. Ryan is now 13 years old and completely dependant on us for his care. In fact, to date, he has never gone anywhere without one of his parents or grandparents by his side. So, I often find myself looking at other boys his age out together and wonder if that’s what my boy would be doing if he wasn’t confined to a wheelchair. Our time with him is also very limited. Sending many prayers out to you!!! Thank you for sharing from your heart.

  4. Dawn Mills says:

    The every day things cause so much reflection, don’t they. With doing daycare, I now find myself in similar situations where I think..this is how it should’ve been. I am watching a young girl this weekend and though I am looking forward to it, I anticipate some tugs at my heart as well.

    Thank you, Christina, for always being so open and honest. I think of your Dear Jud so often. And your Jessie Girl is so sweet. Both of them have beautiful hearts…no doubt from the wonderful models they have in Drake and yourself.

    Much Love to you….
    Dawn…Angel Makinley’s Mommy

  5. sugarstar72626 says:

    sometimes, we see our joy in the eyes of others. but keeping the people we love in our hearts is a bliss. isaac indeed is a jewel. may he grow in much love and joy. thank God for the wonderful moments.

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