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Let it Flow

One of my favorite songs in high school was a ballad written in 1989 by a Christian rock band called Whiteheart (admittedly, I was a die-hard Christian rocker back in the day -a bit oxymoronic, huh?).  It has always been a song that seems to speak directly to my soul with strength, power, and hope, while validating the pains of living in this world.

After not having listened to “The River Will Flow” since my early college years, I sought out the song during Judson’s illness and found myself regularly listening with the volume cranked up so my body could literally feel the music.

Then I replaced it with a different song on my computer profile and it was quickly forgotten again.

But this week, while driving with my parents, they happened to play the song in their car and it was immediately like water to my thirsty soul.  I came home from visiting my folks and sought out the song again; I’ve been listening to it over and over.  It’s almost as though the song itself is a river that floods my body with peace.

So put your hands in mine
Oh, put your hands in mine
And let us all go down
And kneel by the river’s side
we’ll cry our tears of joy
Cry our tears of pain
We’ll let them fall down from our eyes
to be washed in the sacred stream
Even the secret tears
buried in our memories
Let them all be swept away
to the depths of the endless sea

Oh dear Lord, let your River flow like streams of mercy to my soul.  Let it flow!



One response to "Let it Flow"

  1. Christie says:

    I think its special that this song that touched you during Judson’s illness is now bringing you peace.

    Thinking of you and praying for you often.

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