Judson's Legacy

Leave a Mark

As a parent of a child who has died, I am desperate for Jud not be forgotten…I think this is the greatest fear of every grieving parent. It is not a fear that I will forget him (impossible!), it is as if the relevance and significance of his life diminishes if the “world” forgets him.

Like every parent who has lost a child, I want my son to leave a mark on people, keeping him alive in spirit though his body has decayed.  In some small way, this seems to bring redemption to our affliction.  It is as though his agony and our pain have purpose beyond just us.

This may be why we see so many non-profit organizations and groups created in honor of children who have died.  It allows a child’s legacy to continue.

I admit fearing that my desire to see Jud’s story remembered may verge on self-indulgence.  But, even if my motivation is slightly tweaked, I trust and expect that God can still use such frailties to bring His Kingdom to earth through the life and death of our son.

I have become convinced that part of my call now in life is to tell Judson’s story, through whatever means the Lord makes available to me, in hopes that He can continue to use this little boy to bring glory and honor to His name.  In the process, Jud can be remembered and I can find redemption in my brokenness too.

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