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Lasts Forever

Jud and Mommy Kisses

Lasts Forever

(A poem for my Juddy this Mother’s Day) 

I never thought I’d have the gift
Of being called a mother,
Then one day you came to be
And changed me like no other.

I beamed with delight and cried with joy;
You were cherished from the start.
The moment that our eyes had met,
You swiftly stole my heart.

I imagined all you’d grow to be
And my spirit swelled with pride.
But many years you’d never live,
Upon my chest you died.

As your mama, I grew vulnerable
To a whole new host of pains.
But I wouldn’t change a moment
‘Cause your legacy remains.

Loving you has changed me
Like nothing else will ever;
I miss you with each breath I breathe,
Every moment shared, I treasure.

But I’ll hold you once again someday
And hear your voice say “Mommy,”
All my tears will then be quelled
By a joy-filled, vast tsunami.

My love for you, so rich and deep,
Death could never sever.
You’ll always be my precious child,
Being your mama lasts forever.

4 Responses to "Lasts Forever"

  1. Kathryn Taylor says:

    That was probably the sweetest poem I have ever read. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Forever you will be…

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