Judson's Legacy

Laid to Rest

Dear family and friends…

The last several days have been very difficult, but we continue to be significantly touched by amazing love and support, near and far.

We are tremendously grateful to all who took time out on Veteran’s Day to memorialize our precious boy. We were moved by the presence of so many and believe that both Jud and our Father in Heaven were honored well. Thank you!

Today was Judson’s graveside service and burial, attended by family. The reality that we have been called to let go of our sweet boy hit very hard as his casket was lowered into the grave. Our hearts are grieving more that can be expressed in words. We have a long, sorrowful journey ahead of us, but are so grateful that we are not walking alone.

Even in the midst of our significant pain, it has been impressed upon our hearts that the Lord is worthy of praise; we trust Him. In the coming weeks and months, we will be doing a lot of wrestling with God and trying to understand how He has been speaking to us, but one thing we know-He is good and He loves us. The Lord has already redeemed Judson’s pain and affliction in unexpected ways, and we will continue to watch and see how He will do so in the future.

Though Judson’s life has ended here on earth, his story is definitely not over. I will be doing a lot of writing as we process through this next phase of our lives. In fact, in the near future, we plan to develop a website to chronicle Jud’s story and this journey.

We love and miss our Jud the Stud SO much!

Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

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