Judson's Legacy


What do you do when life lacks momentum?  How do you function when it feels like there is nothing to propel you forward?

I’m struggling with inertia—immobilized by my pain.  It’s as though I’m a stalled car.

How do I get a jumpstart?


One response to "Jumpstart"

  1. hh says:

    Christina, you are heavy on my heart–as always–and I continue to pray throughout each day for you, Drake and Jessie. I cry out to God, "Please, Lord, help Christina and Drake in this moment. Help them get through this day…may they know and feel your presence, your love, your strength and your peace in such real and tangible ways. Oh, Lord, please continue to be glorified–that men, women and children all across this world may come to know YOU!–through the story of Judson (his life, death, and the severe pain and loss his parents and all who love Jud are feeling right now)." This is my prayer. And I know that countless others are praying similar things for you.

    I love you, Christina, and I was so blessed by our time together last week. I hope to get together again soon. We want and hope to do the walk with you guys on Oct. 4th…will let you know for sure in next few days.

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