Judson's Legacy

Judson’s 1/2 Birthday

Dear family and friends,

When I woke this morning, on Judson’s ½ birthday, sorrow gripped my heart tightly in anticipation of the day originally set aside to celebrate our boy’s life, yet now occurring in the throes of grief over his death.

But tonight, I lay my head on my pillow, gripped with tremendous gratitude over the manner in which God has unexpectedly loved us on this bittersweet occasion.

It absolutely blows my mind that after 8 months people are still mindful of our family and sensitive to our needs. We were overwhelmed today with love-a love that, quite frankly, seems supernatural. It is a love that has been poured upon us without expectation or condition, full of generosity, kindness, and enthusiasm. I admit to feeling unworthy of and humbled by the kind of love that has flooded our parched hearts today.

Thank you to the MANY people who contributed to our surprise this evening…we were SHOCKED to be blessed by such an array of gifts that particularized us in our interests and needs. This experience will be seared on our hearts as a reminder of God’s goodness to us when we are feeling especially low. There are no words to adequately express our gratitude.

We also received cards, flowers, emails, posts, and calls from people who remembered the significance of our day today.

All of this truly amazes us!

These gestures mean far more than anyone can imagine. There are times it can feel as though we are in the abyss and then people reach into our lives to reveal that there is light, there is significant light, and we are not engulfed in darkness. And most of all, they remind us that we are not alone, which can be one of the greatest pains in loss.

Thank you for all who continue to regularly remind us that we are not alone! Whether it be today or the MANY other days and ways we are touched by overtures of love.

We were given an incredible blessing in the opportunity to be Judson’s parents and we celebrate his life today. We have also been given an incredible blessing in the support we have received in his suffering and death.

Thank you for continuing to journey with us!

Much love,
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

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