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Jessie-isms: 7th Installment


1.  As we were walking out of the building of our local nature center Jessie exclaimed, “I liked the gecko inside.”  “Oh really, I didn’t see the gecko while we were in there.  Where was it?” I responded, perplexed.  “No, mama, I liked the sound of the gecko when I was talking in there!” she retorted.  I began to chuckle, “Oh, you mean you liked the sound of the ECHO?”  Jessie began to laugh too.  “Yeah, the echo.”

2.  Jessie was squirming around on the couch at Starbucks when she suddenly bonked her head on the covered wooden frame of the armrest.  Sitting up and rubbing her head she shouted, “Ouch!  Why does this couch have a bone in it?”

3.  Jessie and I were walking along the sidewalk hand-in-hand, when she randomly inquired, “Can I live with you when I get older?”  “Sure!  How old are you thinking?” I asked curiously.  “When I’m an adult,” she replied.  “But I’ll be the cutest adult –the cutest BIG adult.”  Grinning, I thought to myself, “I don’t doubt it.”

4.  The other day I was pretending to cry when Jessie wouldn’t give me a hug.  She declared, “If you cry, you definitely won’t get what you want!”

5.  While getting ready for the day, I was putting two small pigtails in my hair to pull them back into a ponytail.  Jessie, observing my unfinished hairdo exclaimed, “Mommy, that is going to look ridiculous!”

7 Responses to "Jessie-isms: 7th Installment"

  1. Traci says:

    Oh the sweet honesty! If only we all had someone to tell us we look ridiculous sometimes!

    What a sweet little girl! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ken Roberts says:

    Jessie, you lighten my life !!!
    #1 had me in hysterics.

    #3 You definatly will.

    Wonder where Jessie got #4 from?

    And #5 proves she is a very observant girl with good taste !!!!

    Please keep them coming Christina,

  3. Rebekah says:

    She is pure delight! Thank you for sharing these hilarious tidbits with us!

  4. Samanta says:

    She’s very funny!!! How we, as adults, would like to go back in time to have that precious innocence again!!
    A big kiss for Jessie Girl!!!

  5. ch says:

    I LOVE #4!!!

  6. She is so incredibly precious! I especially like the Jesse-ism about your pony tail-hilarious!


  7. That little sweetie of yours is so precious!!! She is beautiful inside and out.She brings such joy to both of us through your postings. We love you Jessie girl!!!
    You could write a book about her her Jessie-isms….lol
    Love you all so much!!!!
    Jean and Gary

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