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Jessie-isms: 5th Installment


Here’s another round of Jessie-isms:

1) Jessie walks into our untidy, cluttered room and states emphatically, “You really need to clean up this mess, mommy!”

2) “Are you such a little miracle?” I rhetorically inquire, trying to inform her of what a gift she is to me.

“No, I’m a BIG miracle!” she says to correct my misinformed ideas.

3) Jessie was in her bathroom using the potty when I went and grabbed a new roll of toilet paper, replacing the old.  “It’s just not as fluffy as the toilet paper in your room.  Why isn’t it as fluffy?  I like the fluffy kind,” Jessie declared, referencing the fact that I purchased cheap TP this time around.

4) “Here Jess, I’ve got some blue cheese for you,”  as I scooped some blue cheese onto her plate.

“Actually, mommy, it’s white!”

5) Jessie and I were blowing bubbles outside with a huge bubble wand (thanks Hills!) and Howie came racing out the front door.  “Do you think Howie will like the bubbles?” I ask.

“I think he’s curious about them.” Jessie responded.

*Note: I have posted new pictures of Jessie on the right side of her blog.

One response to "Jessie-isms: 5th Installment"

  1. Robyn says:

    She IS a big miracle, isn’t she? Thanks for sharing her with us! Blessings.

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