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Jessie-isms: 3rd Installment

The Jessie-isms keep coming:

1) I frequently eat a breakfast bar in the mornings and will break off teeny tiny pieces for Jessie to enjoy.  The other day when I was eating my Greens+ Energy Bar Jessie declared, “I want a BIG bite, mommy!”  Finding her request to be quite cute, I broke off a little bit larger bite than usual and gave it to her.  She responded with indignation, “Noooooooooo, that’s still a little bite.  I want a BIG one, mama!”

2) I was on my hands and knees, crawling toward Jessie like a tiger in the grass and announced, “I’m gonna get you!”

Jessie quickly countered, “You know, sometimes, sometimes mamas don’t get Jessie Girls!”  I fell over laughing.

3) Jessie saw my small, tote-able Bible lying on the ottoman.  She picked it up and said, “This is a Bible, mommy.  I’m going to read it.”  As she gently thumbed through the pages she said, “God. God. God. God. God. God.”

4) Most of our days include some kind of tackling and rolling around on the floor.  The other day while I was tickling my little lady, she exclaimed, “You’re smothering me!” 

“Smothering”, really?—where does she pick up these things?!!?

5) Jessie’s plastic pup continues to be one of her prized toys.  We were on the porch a couple days ago and she pulled the doggy down the step and proclaimed, “The puppy went jumping down the ‘bumpety-bump’.”

“He did?” I replied.

“Well, actually it’s a step,” she clarified with a smile.

2 Responses to "Jessie-isms: 3rd Installment"

  1. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Dear Christina,Drake, and Jessie~
    That little Jessie Girl is just as precious as can be…love her little heart.Our "little girl" (Dawn) is now a wife; mother; and third grade teacher. They grow up so fast.They are indeed "sugar and spice and everything nice".
    Love you all so much!!!!!!!
    Jean and Gary

  2. Melanie MacPherson says:

    love this picture….cant beleive how grown up she looks…Jessie Girl keep making me smile

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