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It’s Been a Year

Dear Judson,

It’s been a year since you left us and I miss you terribly.  Every father hopes for a son like you: bright and thoughtful, loving and kind.  I love so much about you in part because I see a kindred spirit in you—your smile, your kind way of dealing with people, your sense of humor, the way you affirmed people, and your gentleness added to my deep fatherly affection for you.  I’m so proud of you!  I could not ask for more from a son!!!

I think you know how much I believe in you.  I had such high hopes for you here on earth—hopes that were so justified—and so it breaks my heart not to see you fulfill them in your own unique way.

But it is not that God’s purpose in you failed.  In your short life, my most repeated prayer for you, inspired by the Spirit, was that you would be a blessing.  And what a blessing you have been—to us and to so many others who have met you and heard about you!  What a blessing your life continues to be in the hands of our Savior!

You were just a little boy and small in the world’s reckoning, but God’s purpose has given your life meaning far beyond your years.  You are like a tiny seed that grows up to be the largest tree in the forest, providing shade and shelter to many.  Your little life has altered the direction of many for the Kingdom of God!  And I expect it will only continue to do so.

So, a year after you died and entered into what is truly life, I both mourn and celebrate you!  You are such a treasure, so precious to me. I so long to see you, Jud, and to lavish you with hugs and kisses.

Until I do, I will offer both lament and praise to God for you, my son!

With all my heart,


5 Responses to "It’s Been a Year"

  1. Robyn says:

    Drake, I am sure that Judson is as proud of his daddy as his daddy is proud of him. Jud’s life has touched so many hearts and souls and I believe has led many to a closer relationship with God and Jesus. I wish I could understand and explain why God had to take Jud home with Him to have such an impact on so many but I don’t. I simply know that God has such special plans for Jud and his ministry that this earth could not hold him. We grieve for you and Christina and Jessie and the rest of your families today and everyday. I hope you feel God near you. Blessings.

  2. 47897 says:

    What an incredibly beautiful letter to your precious son, Jud. You’re a wonderful father, who knows, loves, and seeks the Lord. On this 1 year remembrance of Jud’s Homegoing, we mourn with you. We also pray for the Lord’s grace, peace, and strength for you. And to Jud, we are honored to know of you, and we are so blessed by your life.
    In Christ’s love,
    Audrey and family

  3. Rebecca Morris says:

    Dear Drake,

    Your letter to your son was very moving. I already wrote a comment in Christina’s blog, but I also want to tell you what a wonderful father you have been to your precious son. You taught Judson to love the Lord, and he truly was a blessing to all around him. Judson was very special, and you should be very proud of your “little man.” I’m sure he was very proud of you and loved you greatly. My heart goes out to you as you are grieving such an incredible loss. We will continue to keep you and Christina in our prayers . . .

    Rebecca Morris

  4. Gary Hegenbart says:

    Drake, what an amazing tribute and honest soul-bearing. Jud has impacted so many of us, but so have you and Christina. We pray for you and grieve with you and want you to know you are loved and we are here for any need we can meet.


  5. aunt sue says:

    Dear Drake,

    Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable. Every dad wants a son and you DO have one and WILL be reunited with Jud again someday. Thank you for being such a good husband to Christina and father to Judson and Jessie, Drake. You have blessed me. Love, aunt Sue

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