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2 Responses to "Inside Out"

  1. Seaandra says:

    I absolutely LOVE this song! I heard it on the radio a while back while I was cleaning, and I just love it. :)Music certainly has a way of getting us to hear a message that we need to hear…when we might not have heard it any other way. 🙂

  2. Christina, From my very first note to you I knew your heart. I also know you have to go on and wait for the future in you life. You are still so young and there is so much more ahead. You will always have Judson in your heaart and in your life I have had a very hard time trying to understand why our Savior puts us through the ordeals of every day life BUT in reading all of your messages over and over again I have found some peace and I owe it to you, for that I thank you so much. I personally will miss you,I have so enjoyed our visits. Please keep us all posted on what’s happening Your way and what kind if "antics" your little miss is up to.I wish you and your ENTIRE FAMILY all the best. I appreciate all that you did for so many. We have all fallen in love with the "Levasheff Gang" My deepest love and admoration to you for your strength. Please don’t leave us "Cold Turkey". we have all fallen in love with "Miss Jessie" Your friend from Georgia.

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