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The sensitivity and innocence of Jessie’s little spirit has been very apparent lately.

Several weeks ago when we watched Benji on movie night, there was a point in the film when I covered Jessie’s eyes, suggesting that she probably would not want to watch what was on the screen because the people were being unkind.  She responded well to the suggestion and even covered her eyes herself a couple more times during the movie.

Since that day, she has been regularly protecting her eyes from things she does not like.  It is not uncommon for Jessie to suddenly declare, “I don’t like that!” and then put her hands over her eyes until the “offender” is no longer in view.  Most often it is a skull and cross bones on someone’s shirt, or a mean face on a sign, or an evil looking tattoo, many of which are actually rather innocuous.  But it was especially precious the other day when, after seeing a cartoon of a dead face on someone’s hat, she covered her eyes and then began to sing…

Be careful little eyes what you see.  Be careful little hands what you do.  Be careful little feet where you go.  Be careful little ears what you hear…for the Father up above, is looking down in love.  Be careful little eyes what you see.”

She is certainly being careful and I love the purity in her young heart!

2 Responses to "Innocence"

  1. Kristy says:

    omgsh….totally cute. She is certainly a little lady!

    Thinking of you lots lately; not really sure why, but God has been bringing you and Judson to mind. Perhaps it’s the marvel I’ve been feeling lately around Maggie–and the fact that Judson and Maggie were born only weeks apart…wondering if you, too, would be marveling, too, at Jud…


  2. Rebekah says:

    Jessie Girl, I hope you ALWAYS maintain that purity! You are a treasure and a delight!

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