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Dear family and friends…

This weekend was full of excitement as Sarah and Dean, our dear friends, committed their lives to one another on Sunday, July 26.  It had to be one of the most beautiful, intentional, God-honoring, thoughtful, creative, and meaningful weddings I have ever enjoyed!  And we were honored to have our whole family take part, Jud included.

For those who are unaware, when Judson became ill and I began to need assistance caring for both kids as his needs increased, Sarah committed to help me as a daily caregiver.  She sacrificed her heart and risked by deeply loving our dying boy, providing him the best possible last few months of life.  Jud would light up in Sarah’s presence and thoroughly enjoyed the games they would play together, even as his abilities decreased.  Through this journey she has become family to us.

Sarah began to date Dean during the season of Judson’s illness and we quickly grew to love and respect him too.  Dean is such an honorable man and we feel blessed to have him in our lives as well.  For almost a year now, we have been getting together with the two of them once a week for dinner and are grateful to be closely walking through the ups and downs of life together.

That being said, it was truly a gift when they asked the two of us to stand with them in their wedding, along with inviting Jessie to be a flower girl.  But what surprised and touched us even more was this note:

Judson, I love and miss you so much.  If you could still walk this earth I would without question have you as a ring bearer.  Your physical presence will be greatly missed, but I still want to have you as part of my wedding day.  Your love, courage, strength, laughter, and smile have inspired me to love more deeply.  Therefore, will you be my honorary ring bearer?  Love, Auntie Sarah

I don’t think I can begin to describe the emotion Drake and I felt upon receiving this card, followed by the tremendous gift of actually experiencing their beautiful tribute to Jud on their actual wedding day.

Dean and Sarah tied a blue balloon to the ring bearer pillow as a representation of Judson’s presence and wrote the following in their program:



I was overwhelmed as I read these words; my face flooded with tears, representing thousands of emotions that words could never express, including gratitude, joy, and sorrow.  This kind of uncommon love reached the depths of our hearts in a way few things can.

We were incredibly honored this weekend by Dean and Sarah’s care for our family and also tremendously blessed to witness their love for one another…a significant testimony of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and love! 

We hope you will rejoice with us in the union of Dean and Sarah! 

With love,
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

P.S.  If you would like to express your congratulations to the newlyweds, they will see all comments posted here.

P.P.S.  As a tribute to their new marriage, I thought I’d post this “music video” that was shown at their wedding.  Enjoy!



12 Responses to "Honorary Ring Bearer"

  1. 77424 says:

    Congratulations to the newlyweds! Each update I read brings me to tears – the strength and faith you all have is empowering, inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story

  2. Gina says:

    It’s great to see the music video and wedding photo and share in Sarah’s joy! Her relationship with your family is a beautiful picture of how God designed us to live and move and have our being here on earth. Much love to all of you!

  3. Gina says:

    P.S. Beautiful family picture of the 3 of you at the wedding! Christina, love the dress!!

  4. Dawn Mills says:

    A big congrats to Sarah and Dean!!! I truly enjoyed meeting her at the symposium last year. Her love for your family is so apparent and beautiful!
    Dawn…Makinley’s Mommy

  5. Jeff Trammel says:


  6. Audrey Lacanienta says:

    Dear Christina, Drake, and Jessie,
    What an incredibly wonderful wedding ceremony to have been a part of! Sarah and Dean are such beautiful examples of God’s love and grace to you and Jud, to each other, to the world. Congrats to the newlyweds! Jessie, I’m sure you were one beautiful flowergirl for your Auntie Sarah and Uncle Dean on their wedding day!
    Christina, thank you for just being you. In the midst of your "realness", your continual sorrow, your "new normal" as you’ve shared in your blog, you have touched my life tremendously.
    Love in Jesus,

    Dear Jud,
    You had a truly special part of your Auntie Sarah and Uncle Dean’s wedding day too! You were one amazing Honorary Ring Bearer! You touched their lives in such a great way, that they honored you on their special day! You touch people’s lives every day, and for me, every time I read your Mommy’s blogs, I am moved emotionally and spiritually to love Jesus more, to love my family more, to love others more. Thank you for who you are to me! I am reminded to live my life for Jesus while we are here on this earth and to live for Him when we get to Heaven, where you are enjoying already and waiting for your family and loved ones. Like your mom, you have touched my heart, Jud!
    Love in Jesus,

  7. Rebekah says:

    Congratulations Dean and Sarah! May God pour out His blessings on your marriage!

    I was touched by the way you included Jud in your ceremony. I know it was a blessing to you to have all the Levasheffs involved in your special day.

  8. Cathy Horner says:

    I enjoyed your blog~ even shared your tears. You are very blessed to have such awesome friends in Sarah and Dean.

    I also think the video shown at their wedding is one of the funniest things I have ever seen….what a great way to start off a marriage; with laughter. Love it!! Congratulations to you.



  9. Sarah Johnson says:

    Congratulations Dean and Sarah!!!! I am happy for you both!! 🙂

  10. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Congrats Sarah and Dean!!!! Your wedding was just beautiful.You did such a wonderful job with the colors you chose….and the video was one awesome idea!!! May God richly bless the two of you as you
    begin your journey as husband and wife….love your hearts.You look so beautiful and handsome in your wedding picture!!!
    Christina, Drake, and Jessie~We just LOVE the picture of the three of you.Christina and Drake, you two look like you could be the bride and groom yourselves….and Jessie’s dress was just beautiful. That little sweetie is so pretty!!! She is just a little doll baby.
    Jud~You played one wonderful part in Auntie Sarah and Uncle Dean’s wedding. Someday when we go to be with Jesus we are going to have one wonderful time playing with you!!! We love you Jud!!!!!!
    Love and hugs to all~Jean and Gary

  11. 78752 says:

    Sarah and Dean are one special couple and their gift to you having you all honorees of their wedding a very wondrous gift indeed. All the best to them together, forever.


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