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Heart for Haiti

My heart joins the multitudes in brokenness over the cataclysmic devastation from the earthquake in Haiti.

As I sat in our home two nights ago looking at pictures of Haitians in agony, bodies of loved ones lining the streets, piles of rubble, and severe injuries still untreated, I could hardly breathe.  To taste even for a moment the suffering that instantaneously overtook this already impoverished nation leaves me shuddering in pain, feeling completely powerless, frantically grasping for some way to help, and crying out to God for mercy.

God, why would you allow this?

I am torn apart, struggling to understand how God can redeem this kind of catastrophic suffering, how he can possibly take this evil of epic proportions and use it for good?

…Then I read stories of Haitians singing hymns to God in the town square, crying out to the Lord in praise and worship with surrendered hearts.  I see people all over the world uniting in compassion to meet the needs of a desperate nation.  I see Americans entrenched in a culture of entitlement newly grateful for all they have.  I see hardened hearts calling upon God in prayer.   I see creativity, gifts and talents being used to make a difference.  I see small glimpses of good. 

More than anything, I am convicted that there needs to be praise on my lips, compassion in my heart, increased gratitude for all I have.  May it cause me to fall on my knees in submissive prayer and challenge me to use my gifts to make a difference. 

My finite mind cannot begin to comprehend this tragedy, Father, please show me what I can do!


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