Judson's Legacy

Hard to Get

This song, “Hard to Get,” by Rich Mullins, is one I had heard many times before Jud got ill and died, but since Sarah recently reminded me of it, I have listened with new ears…ears that relate to the lyrics with a deep, gut-wrenching solidarity.

This is a gritty song of raw, vulnerable, genuine, honest, heartfelt reflection.  It expresses the hurt and challenge of life, along with the hope and surrender.

I find it ironic this song was written and sung by a man who is now with Jesus; I imagine, for Rich, that the One who lives in eternity is no longer “hard to get.”

Yet, for me, who still lives in time, I find He is still very much hard to get!

Jesus, I know You bore my sorrows, I know you feel my pain, and I know it would not hurt any less even if it could be explained.  But I can’t see what’s ahead and I’m broken by what’s behind…I trust You’ve led me here, and I know You’ve been with me all along, but Your ways are just plain hard to get!

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