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Grief in Adolesence

Who would have ever thought we would be acquiring a stack of books that address the issues of grieving children?!!??  But the time has come for us to deal specifically with Jessie’s loss of a brother.  We are being more proactive now about getting answers to some of our questions…How does a 2 year old deal with the loss of an older sibling?  How does a little girl process the ongoing tears and deep emotions of her parents?  How does one support a toddler in loss?  Are their behavioral implications for a wee one?

I’ve started perusing some of these books and I can’t say I have gained significant insight as of yet, but what I discovered to be most fascinating is that Jessie’s grief, the real deal, will likely hit her in adolescence. 

When everyone else has either moved on or is several steps into the journey of loss, Jessie’s mourning will probably commence.  The reality of having to live her entire life without her brother and the numerous implications of that loss are expected to emerge at a time that is already so challenging for young people.  Adolescence is hard enough without having to deal with the death of your brother that occurred when you were a baby.

I have no idea when, where, or how Jessie’s grief over the loss of her beloved bro’ will hit, but I pray she will be surrounded by friends and mentors who will graciously walk the journey with her. 

Dear Father, please hold my sweet Jessie Girl closely to Your heart.  Protect her.  Guide her.  Uphold her.  And let her know the richness of Your love, particularly through the love of others.  May she too, grow to be a blessing!

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  1. Roshele Snyder says:

    I have been following your blog since the beginning but today’s post really hit home for me. I like Jessie, lost my brother, but I was 18 when it occured.
    He was killed in a car accident when he was 22 years old.

    I can only offer words of empathy for I know how the loss affected my life- although in my case it was the catalyst that led me to accept the Lord.

    I cannot begin to imagine what the loss would be like if it had occured when I was a baby, but I know what it felt like to lose him as I was becoming an adult. It hurt, but it also shaped me into the person I am today.

    Please know Your whole family is in my prayers often, and I will say a special prayer for Jessie.


  2. 33705 says:

    Christina….I too worry about Dalton and the effects the loss of his sister will have on him as he grows. Sometimes don’t you wonder if we are qualified for such a responsibility…being sure they come through the loss of their sibling in a healthy way. I will pray for Jessie girl now and as she grows.
    God Bless!!!!

  3. 33836 says:


    I have no doubt that when Jessie grieves for her brother, you, Drake and the rest of your family and friends will do an incredible job of getting her through her journey. You have been such a pillar of strength and inspiration to all of us in your darkest hours of grief and your most trying times. The Levasheff’s are people who lift us up and inspire us, reflecting all of the goodness of the Lord, in the most trying of times. There’s no question, that that sweet Jessie Girl is going to be amazing as an adult. I’m sure she will always feel the loss of her sweet Judson, we all do, even those who never met him. I just know you will amaze us all in how you rise to the occassion. You are a wondeful mother. God bless you!


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