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Glorious and Beautiful


I have stared at a blank page every night this week, wanting to express our experience with the documentary, but words have been inadequate to describe all that has been stirred in my soul.  The experience on Saturday has been a constant on my mind and attached to a multiplicity of emotions that have been ever-flowing since.

When Peter, the Director of the film, first set foot in our home about a year and a half ago to interview us about the potential project, I had no idea how much this unknown, Korean man with long hair (he has since cut his hair) would become a dear part of our family and beloved brother.

Everything we have done to date in sharing Judson’s story, including the book, have been our own thoughts, feelings, and experience, not necessarily filtered through the lens of another.  So to hand our story over to someone who began as a “stranger” felt incredibly risky—the sharing of our journey would suddenly be subject to the interpretation of another.  Hence, when we first started this project, I could never have imagined how much we would grow to trust Peter and have complete confidence in the outcome.

Peter dove into our lives, into our joys and into our deep pain.  He chose to immerse himself in our experiences, often sitting on the other side of the camera with hot tears pouring down his cheeks.  He felt it all with us, not detached, but as a loving friend wanting to engage the depths of our souls.  And it was as though he was holding our precious Judson with utmost care, compassion, and tenderness.

Furthermore, Peter bathed the project in prayer, spoke of his filmmaking as an act of worship, and wanted only to use his talents to honor God.  Thus, the process of making the film became unquestionably glorious to God and beautiful to us.

In turn, the film was glorious and beautiful!

It was surreal to sit in a Los Angeles theatre and see our story play-out on the big screen before us.  Judson’s Eyes was so incredibly well-done and we were overwhelmed by the honor of being subjects of Peter’s work.  But more than anything, I was in awe of what God is doing to bring redemption through our pain.

I am challenged once again to humbly submit to all God may want to do with our lives and story!

For various reasons, I expect it will be several months before we are able to make the film available on Judson’s website but I certainly look forward to sharing it in the future…







4 Responses to "Glorious and Beautiful"

  1. Freya Remmer says:

    That’s awesome, Christina! I,too, feel overwhelmed hearing you describe how glorious and beautiful it was seeing Judson’s movie. I have tears in my eyes, and my spirit is encouraged thinking about how God can amazingly turn things around for good. One way or another… It’s really unfathomable sometimes…

    I can’t wait to see it someday. I feel the anticipation!



  2. Eric Baesel says:

    What a wonderful way to capture a part of the story and a moment in time. It will also be a powerful ministry tool that God can use to help people meet your exceptional son.

  3. Hi friend,
    Just want to tell you that I love you and your family. Thank you for giving so much of your lives to us. You are an inspiration to me.

  4. melanie says:


    What a wonderful experience and I’m glad you feel so satisfied with the end result. I feel very eager to see it and to share it with others, so I look forward to the day that you can share it with the rest of us!

    Continued blessings and grace on your sweet family,

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