Judson's Legacy

Garbage Truck

This morning I was sitting at our kitchen table feeding Jessie, when the sound of the garbage truck outside, penetrated our home, and my heart.

Judson loved the garbage truck.  Whenever we heard the rumbling of the beloved sanitation vehicle, Jud and I would drop everything we were doing and race to the window expectantly for the truck to pass by.  Jud stood on his toy box, giving him a perfect view, and waited.  He waited with patience and anticipation, though the pause before the vehicle turned the corner seemed like an eternity.

Finally, as the blessed dump truck growled past our home, the sanitation engineers would look up at our window, watchful for Jud.  Once eye contact was made, waves were exchanged and then the driver often honked his horn, acknowledging our boy.

It has been several months since Judson sat at the window waiting for the garbage truck.  This morning it crossed my mind that the sanitation engineers probably wonder what happened to the boy in the window on Wilson St.

Do they know how much they meant to my sweet man, and now to me?

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