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Furry Friend

We had a furry friend join our family yesterday.  Jessie has upgraded from her plastic pup to a bonafide, adorable, sweet, little pooch.  Though a birthday gift for me, our intent is for this precious, approximately 7 month old male Maltipoo mutt to grow to be Jessie’s buddy.  He was rescued by a girl named Jessica a couple weeks ago and we feel honored that she chose our family to adopt this beloved dog.

Jessica, the girl who rescued him.


On our drive home from picking him up, he sat almost the entire ride in Jessie’s lap, content as could be. Since arriving home he has been our sidekick, prancing around the house with us, climbing in my lap whenever given the opportunity, and snuggling in bed with Jessie.  We feel like we could not have found a better dog for our family!

Here are some things Jessie said within the first couple hours of bringing him home:

“I’ll teach him to climb the bridge and he’ll go down the swirly slide.  He likes the slide, I think.  Would he like to swing?  He could go in the baby swing with the leg things!”

When we walked into the house with the dog for the first time, Jessie was intent on helping the dog understand his surroundings, “That’s a high chair, that’s a refrigerator, that’s the stairs, that’s a stool, that’s a cupboard…”

“Can he take a nap with me?”

“When do we get to give him a bath?”

“When do we put clothes on him?  Does he have daytime clothes and nighttime clothes?”

“Can we give him pigtails?”

“Can you read a book to us?  To him and me?”

And first thing I heard Jessie say when she woke this morning, “I want my doggy and my mommy!”  I guess the dog has already taken top billing. 🙂

We have yet to name him, but I am sure it won’t be long ‘til this little fella is christened.

Jessie loved feeding him!

Already a pro!



15 Responses to "Furry Friend"

  1. Rebekah says:

    Aww!!! How fun!

    I vote for Velcro or (since I’m horribly indecisive!) Jasper.

  2. Wendy Heak says:

    How exciting for Jessie, he looks lovely, Jessie will have great fun with him. I think he looks like a Jasper but I’m sure Jessie will pick the best name. I think she is such a sweetheart and I don’t even know her.
    Christina you are continually in my thoughts and prayers.
    In christian love,
    Wendy (from N.I).

  3. Traci says:

    Ahhh, how cute!!! What fun!

  4. Christina Levasheff says:

    You can now call him Jasper Fritz Levasheff! Thanks for the input!!

  5. Robyn says:

    How precious! Jessie looks like an old hand with her puppy–guess the practice with her plastic pup has paid off! Jasper Fritz will be a great addition to your family! Blessings.

  6. jess! says:

    Aww Beau looks sooooooo happy with you guys! 🙂
    miss him dearly, but i know he will have a forever home with Jessie

    best of luck!

  7. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    I’m telling you what….this is so cute with Jessie and the dog….lol
    She is the sweetest little thing; and she is so beautiful!!!!
    We were sorry to hear that the dog has top billing; but we’re sure that will change someday…lol
    Okay, is his name officially "Jasper"? We thought Butter Bean might be an interesting name…maybe you better stick with Jasper…lol
    Love you guys oodles and oodles~
    Jean and Gary

  8. Rebekah says:

    Jasper Fritz! I love it! 🙂

  9. Melanie MacPherson says:

    How cute!!!!

  10. kristy says:

    What a crack-up. She is too cute. (the dog isn’t too bad, either! ha! 😉 )

  11. Allyson Stevenson says:

    What a wonderful new addition to your family! Not to mention, a great opportunity for Jesse! Congrats, and WHAT FUN!

  12. hh says:

    I’m so happy for you guys! I love the photo of mommy holding daughter who is holding the new puppy! Jasper is such a cute little dog and I hope he will always bring joy and laughter to your precious family.

    Love you all so much. Praying for you every day.


  13. Christina Levasheff says:

    Truth be told, we had name remorse, so the precious pup is now Howard Fritz Levasheff of "Howie" for short. We’re lovin’ havin’ him!!

  14. Shanna says:

    Jessie’s comments are so cute! She will be a great caretaker and friend to Howard.

  15. Lora says:

    Jessie is TOO cute!!! I got a kick out of this post. Too cute! What a perfect dog for your family. I love the photo of Jessie in her carseat with the dog in her lap. 😉

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