Judson's Legacy

From Hesitant to Honored

This Thursday, Aug. 30th, Drake and I, along with our friend Dean, will be competing as Team Judson’s Legacy on The American Bible Challenge game show airing on GSN (Game Show Network).

Anyone who knows me is aware of my tendency toward disassociating myself from Americanized Christian culture, especially as it’s portrayed in the media.  All too often what we see about believers in entertainment or the news is either antithetical to the Gospel, lacks love, is void of depth, or is somewhat tacky.

So it stands to reason we were hesitant, at first, to get involved in The American Bible Challenge.  Seeing as it was a new series, we were walking into unknown territory , uncertain how a secular network would handle a show about the Bible.  Did we want to publicly tie ourselves to something that might further marginalize Christians, potentially be disrespectful to faith, or give mainstream media more fodder for disparaging believers?

Having Jeff Foxworthy as the host certainly brought validity to the show, making it more appealing, but at the time, we knew little about Jeff–other than his redneck jokes and his skill as host of “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”  Is he a man of faith?  Would he be respectful of Scripture?  Could he appropriately walk the fine line of making a game show about the Bible both honoring and fun?  As “the face” of the show, what would he reflect to the world?

Frankly, we began this journey skeptical.

At the same time, we recognized an opportunity to bring exposure and awareness of Krabbe disease with the possibility to earn funds for research.  We also saw a potential platform to share God’s compassion and hope through Jud’s story, serving as a springboard for our ministry through Judson’s Legacy.

So we proceeded with caution, wanting to be prudent and protective of our beloved boy’s memory and our reputations.  We reminded ourselves we could step out of the process at any time.

What we discovered is a show in which we are so incredibly proud to be participants and a host with a genuine faith who has represented the Gospel with grace and love.  As we’ve watched Jeff Foxworthy interview and promote the program, we’ve gained such respect for him–the risk he has taken in hosting and producing this program, the gracious manner in which he shares his faith, the balance of humor and joy with truth, along with his down-to-earth, authentic presence.  He is clearly a person desiring to honor God with his life while living under scrutiny of the public eye.

We are so honored to be contestants in the premiere season of The American Bible Challenge and we hope you will support this ground-breaking Bible-based quiz show that is making history.  The first episode debuted as GSN’s #1 program of all time with 2.3 million viewers.

Let’s continue to grow the audience.  Tune in THIS Thursday 8/7c as Team Judson’s Legacy shares Jud’s story and competes, in partnership with Hunter’s Hope, to win money for Krabbe Leukodsytrophy awareness and research…and set your DVRs to watch the whole season!

Author: Christina


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