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Free Ice Cream

I remember the first time Drake and I heard about the free ice cream night at Cold Stone…we were living in the Brea area and did not yet have kids.  I wasn’t sure why Cold Stone was offering free ice cream, but I was confident I’d enjoy the sweet treat just a little more than usual knowing I wouldn’t have to pay for it.

My taste buds vividly recall the “Cake Batter” ice cream adorned with colorful sprinkles that they were serving that night, but I barely took note of the Make-a-Wish balloons that were adorning the shop.  I recall throwing a couple bucks in the donation bin to ensure we “did our part” but didn’t have another thought about the cause that was benefitting from the contributions that evening.

Since that first experience with the “Make-a-Wish” ice cream social at Cold Stone, we have enjoyed this annual event a couple more times.  On one of those occasions, Judson even savored every last spoonful of an “ice cream date” with dad.  All the while, we put very little thought into the purpose of the event, and especially never imagined the Make-a-Wish organization would have a direct impact on our lives in the very near future.

But it did.  After Jud’s doctors gave us a referral to the Make-a-Wish program, the staff and volunteers moved immediately to grant Judson his “rush wish” so he could enjoy “The Happiest Place On Earth” before his body was further down the path of deterioration.  Make-a-Wish is a fabulous organization that cared for Judson and our family very well in a time of severe heartache.

So today, when Drake told me that Cold Stone was sponsoring the annual Make-a-Wish free ice cream night, it carried all new meaning.  Our trek over to the local creamery had absolutely nothing to do with ice cream this time.

And as we watched the people stream in and out of the shop with their tasty treat, I thought about how none of us knows what things in our lives that mean very little to us now, can suddenly become significant in the future.  Life is strange that way.



One response to "Free Ice Cream"

  1. Christie says:

    As always, you put into words such profound ideas about life … how circumstances magnify and elevate what little things used to mean …

    God bless you, Levasheffs.

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