Judson's Legacy


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I was gazing at your sister,
Marveling at the recent explosion
Of sun-kissed spots on her nose.
Some tiny.
Some full.

Soft brown drops of pigment
Sprinkled across her lightly-tanned face,
Adding subtle character.
So delicate.
So real.

The story of her life
Unfolding in a distinct pattern
On the canvas of her skin.
So beautiful.
So cherished.

Along my freckled face,
Weathered and bare,
I feel the sensation of tears.
So honest.
So true.

Your face, my son, remained spotless.
A unique marking of freckles,
Never to unfold.
Such loss.
Such sadness.

And yet your precious skin,
Now perfect and pure,
Is fully kissed by the Son.
Such anticipation.
Such hope.

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   Author: Christina

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