Judson's Legacy

“Family Photo”

While I was doing internet research last year, when I began to fear Jud had a leukodystrophy, but before it was diagnosed, I had stumbled upon the Hunter’s Hope website and saw a picture from the family symposium that was held the previous year. 

I recall looking at all the kids in wheelchairs with deteriorated bodies and pleading with God that Jud would be spared from a leukodystrophy and that I would never find myself in a similar photo.

Today, I was standing at that exact location amongst all the kids in wheelchairs and I became a face in that photo-the photo I dreaded!

Ironically, I was glad to be there.  After the path we’ve walked in the last year, it was truly a gift to be surrounded by people who cannot only sympathize with my pain, but deeply empathize because of their own pain.

It was described as a “family photo.”  I embrace my new “family.”

Can you find me?

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