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Ever So Gradually

Sunday, June 6

Whenever Jessie gets an injury or wound, I often state, “Isn’t it amazing how God made our bodies to heal?  And I bet you’ll heal really quickly, Jess.”

In fact, last Saturday she fell and scraped her face pretty badly…yet, today, less than a week later, her abrasions are practically gone.

I cannot help but marvel at how rapidly our bodies heal (most of the time).

But every time I say those words to Jessie, they cut at my heart like a sharp razor–for I am all too familiar with the heartache of caring for a body that doesn’t heal.

And ironically that heartache will never fully mend this side of heaven.

The body heals quickly but the soul heals ever so gradually.

Friday, June 11

4 Responses to "Ever So Gradually"

  1. Samanta says:

    That’s so very true Christina!!

  2. Freya Remmer says:

    And you had to experience heartache like no other, Christina… the fact that you’re pushing through and allowing God to gradually heal your soul speaks of the depth of your relationship with God.

    I also have to say that the look on Jessie’s face in the picture from yesterday is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank God that He gives us looks like that to help move the healing along a bit, huh! The small mercies… that are big mercies actually, huh!

  3. We couldn’t have said it any better Freya!!!

  4. Michal Ann says:

    Ditto re Freya’s loving words. Jesse Girl’s deep brown eyes just pour into my own. Thank God for your beautiful girl and the healing that is so quietly flowing forward to that wonderful day when we slip into our new bodies and are swallowed up by everlasting life. (From II Cor. 5: 4) May the peace of God overwhelm you. "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" is a word that touched my own aching heart today.

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