Judson's Legacy



Dear Judson,

I have so much in my heart to say to you, Son-so much that you already know.  That I love you tons and tons.  That I’m so very proud of you.  That I miss you.

You are written indelibly on my soul.  Much of me will not endure beyond this life, but my love for you will.

With all of my heart,


2 Responses to "Enduring"

  1. Roberto Medrano says:

    Hello Drake iwent through youtube and watched all your son story he was and he will be so blessIwould like to be your friend and i f you can contact me do it pleaseon my e-mail above ok say hi to your wife and God bless you all .

  2. gynnie says:

    I’m really sorry about your son Judson’s death.
    I’m 8 years old and really like the national anthem and
    saw the video of Judson singing it and came to his page from there. I was really touched by his story.
    I was sad when I watched his video on your page, but I know he is in a wonderful place.

    god bless,
    and Dawn

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