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I have found myself in Ellicottville, New York this week-a place I had never even heard of, for a reason I never could have imagined.

I am here at the Hunter’s Hope Symposium for families who have been afflicted by Krabbe disease.  There are 43 families represented here, each with different stories, but a common thread of suffering produced by a vicious disease.

In this sea of broken people, amongst wheelchairs, suction machines, and feeding tubes, I have actually had a greater sense of gratitude well up within me.  I have observed these beautiful, bright children, with deteriorated bodies, and as much as I would give ANYTHING to hold my Jud Bud again, I am comforted to know that my little man now has his heavenly body without any pain or suffering.

Some of these children have been living with Krabbe for 6, 7, 8, 10, or even 23 years.  Interestingly, I have discovered that most of these parents who have children still battling Krabbe disease are also grateful.  They are thankful they have not had to walk the path of watching their child die-they wouldn’t change their circumstances in a minute.

It is as though each of us has been hand-selected for our particular path and found the grace and blessings to endure and persevere in our trying circumstances.

This must be healthy living in the midst of suffering-seeing the grace in affliction and having a heart of gratitude along the journey.

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  1. 34412 says:

    You are on the right facing the camera holding Jessie with you folks behind you, with Sarah behind them(?).

    What a mixture of emotions there must have been for you during these days at Ellicottville.

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