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Dynamic Soul

From rest, to intense sorrow, to great joy…it is amazing how the human spirit can handle so much, shifting emotions rapidly within a very short period of time.

While visiting my folks, I took a nice nap yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a pleasant time of reading and relaxation.

As I emerged from my long snooze, my mom encouraged me to go on her computer and see if she had any photos of Jud that I did not have.  As I began to peruse her pictures, sorrow errupted within me; by the time I finished, I was wailing, retching, and crying uncontrollably.  It was one of those moments where I was gasping for air, wondering how to survive the pain of the moment.  Long deep breaths became necessary to pull myself together.

As the intensity began to subside I made my way downstairs to join my family.  I discovered Jessie in a parcel box.  She was laughing and playing as she wrapped herself up as a gift and sang “Happy Birthday!”  A smile surfaced on my face as joy filled my heart.  I was suddenly overcome with great delight from my Ladybug’s giggles.

This extreme assortment of emotions is a perplexing glimpse into the dynamic nature of our souls.  It astounds me how so much sadness can coexist with such tremendous joy!


This is one of the pictures I saw for the first time.  It is Judson’s last car ride ever.
He was going home from Balboa Island on Halloween ‘07, just 7 days before he died.

Here is my sweet Jessie, “The Gift”!



4 Responses to "Dynamic Soul"

  1. Loni says:

    Hugs today – I so understand. My son will be gone 4 years on Thursday. And then joy when I see my youngest (2) clomping around in shoes too big for him. The highs and lows of life – but in heaven – there will be endless joy – no sorrow – no tears. Such hope.

    I am having a give-away on my blog. I would be honored if you joined. You’ll understand when you read it.


  2. Sandy Mitchell says:

    Hi Christina,

    I look forward to the day when the Lord wipes away your last tear and you can be with both of your children forever. They are both so beautiful. I just love looking at photos of them. Each new one is like a treasure. Keep sharing!! hang in there and know we are all praying for you daily!!

    Lots of love,

  3. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    I just feel so badly for you….love your heart. You are the sweetest person ever. We’re so glad that Judson had you for a mom. What a wonderful mom you are!!!!!!! Jessie is so blessed.
    Love and hugs~
    Jean and Gary

  4. Misti Dunlap says:


    You are a dynamic soul and I am so thankful for you.

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