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Dry Well

I am desperate for a good cleansing.

For several days my tears have been unable to flow, as if they spring from a well that has run dry and there are none left to be shed.  One might think that this could be good—to have cried every possible tear, however, my emotions sit on the brink of exploding, without the resources to set them free.

It is a strange feeling to need to cry so badly without the tears to match.

I hope my well overflows again very soon so I can experience my much-needed cleansing cry!

3 Responses to "Dry Well"

  1. Christie Bucher says:

    Well, I don’t know why – but just reading that sent some tears flowing from my eyes before I could stop them as I glanced up in the corner at the pictures flipping through of you and Jud.

    Tonight I was holding Quint and he laid his head on my shoulder as I was preparing to put him in the crib. So we stood there cuddling for a minute, while I rocked side to side on my feet. After a few minutes, I placed him in his bed and he smiled up at me.

    Then I came and read this and I was so burdened all over for you –

    So how about I cry some of those tears for you…and we’ll see if we fill the well again…

    Sending love,
    Christie B

    *Love this website – cried too much the first time I looked and have had to take it in small doses. Your little man makes me glad to be a mommy to a son. Could you imagine he would have that impact?

  2. 34423 says:

    hi christina,
    i have no idea if you’d remember me … i was a resident for 2 years in alpha (1996-98) when you were the RD. i found out about judson through the facebook page in his honor.

    i watched the "uniquely jud" video

  3. 34423 says:

    drat, it looks like my comment got cut off somehow, lost in cyberspace. :o( either that, or it was truncated

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