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Dive Bombers

Yesterday, as Drake and I were walking along the Balboa pier, I found myself mesmerized by a flock of California brown pelicans.  It was not simply that there was such a large mass of these endangered birds, probably close to 2 dozen (which was fascinating in and of itself), but it was the incredible feeding frenzy that captured my attention. 

These little “dive bombers” were scanning the ocean from their “bird’s eye view,” and upon spotting a scrumptious school of shimmering fish in the sea , they would swoop down and plunge themselves directly into the water, resurfacing with a pouch full of tasty tidbits.  Again, and again, and again, one after another, we watched as these marine birds pitched themselves into the ocean, with extreme force, from heights of 20 to 30 feet above the surface, successful with almost every dive. 

Whereas other species of pelicans simply fish from the surface, watching these particular pelicans innately dive for their fish from high in the sky left me feeling a sense of exhilaration and reckless abandon each time I saw one of them plunge themselves into the depths.   It was truly amazing!

These pelicans not only testified of God’s marvelous creation, but were a sweet reminder that as He cares for the birds of the air, how much greater is His care for me (Matthew 6:26-31)!

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