Judson's Legacy

Deja Vu

Today Jessie is the exact age Jud was on the day she was born: 19 months, 24 days old. This feels strangely significant to me.

Since Judson died, much of my time spent with Jessie has felt like deja vu-as though just a moment ago I had been experiencing life’s milestones with my one little man and suddenly I am doing it all over again, but this time with my one little lady.

However, it was at this point in Judson’s life that we added another member to our family.  Judson’s life was shaped by the addition of his sister; his world became intertwined with that of his “Jessie Girl” as they spent almost every waking hour together.

Today, my déjà vu ends.

When one had become two, it is now going to remain one, breaking my heart on so many levels!

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