Judson's Legacy



Jud loved dandelions.

He would regularly point out the dandelions along our walks and after he or Jessie picked them, we would blow the seeds together, watching them delicately float through the air.

Colorado has huge dandelions in fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, and while walking in the mountains yesterday we saw a large patch of them.

“Jud would be in heaven with all these dandelions,” I declared.

Immediately after the words slipped out of my mouth I realized-Jud IS in heaven.   He doesn’t need a patch of dandelions to get a glimpse of paradise, he has the real deal.

This dandelion field on earth is simply a tiny taste of the exquisite beauty and joy that awaits those who know Jesus, and I wouldn’t be surprised if heaven includes huge dandelion fields.


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