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Contrast of Trips


I head out on a trip with my mom (and Jessie) to Buffalo, New York for the Krabbe Family and Medical Symposium tomorrow.  It has been almost exactly five years since my mom and I traveled together by airplane.  I was going to Baltimore, Maryland for a Learning Enrichment Conference but since I was 27 weeks pregnant, I asked my mom to join me.

I recall the fun we had in Baltimore, the meals we ate, the attractions we saw, but more than anything, I remember our anticipation over the baby growing in my belly.  It was the majority of what we talked about, dreaming of what was to come.  Such excitement was in the air!


Tomorrow I will get on a plane with my mom again…this time it’s a trip because that little baby in my belly, who grew to be a beloved little boy, has died.

What a contrast of trips—one filled with anticipation and one filled with sorrow!

3 Responses to "Contrast of Trips"

  1. Sandy Mitchell says:


    I am so sorry and pained that you have to experience this contrast. I am also so proud of you, for turning this horrendous loss of your sweet Jud into the dream of putting an end to Krabbe’s and helping others who have or will walk you path of sorrow. I know your little Jud Bud is proud of his mommy and all that she continues to do to honor his precious life.

    Lots of love,

  2. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh, love your heart….you are the sweetest person. We’re so sorry about the trip contrast too;but Jud has to be so proud of his mama. I know we sure are!!!!
    Love you so much~always will~
    Jean and Gary

  3. Samanta says:

    Christina, I’m so sorry about your painful feelings in this trip. Hope you will be able to get the best out of this one to help make awareness about this terrible disease and to search for a cure!
    All my love and support!


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