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Continuing the Tradition


Half birthdays were deemed worthy of celebration in our home when Judson was born on Christmas Eve.  Faced with trying to determine how to best celebrate Jud’s life while making it unique from our Christmas celebrations, we started the half birthday plan.  And when Jessie was born, to be equally charitable, we decided to do a small shout-out to her on her half birthdays as well.  And so our plan was set in place.

When Judson died, the need to celebrate Jessie’s half birthday for the sake of equality became unnecessary.

But we are continuing the tradition anyway…

Yesterday was Jessie’s half birthday.  And, of course, she enthusiastically embraced her special day.  It brought great joy to my heart as I watched our little lady delight in her cupcake with 3 ½ candles, and the small gift we gave her.  But especially sweet to me was the feeling that we were honoring Judson too; for it is because of Jud that we took special time to honor Jessie’s life yesterday.

Over the years, I look forward to sharing with Jessie how her half birthday celebrations are one of the many sweet gifts that have come from her brother’s life.

Jessie and I snuggled up with her half birthday Mickey & Minnie who joined Daisy Duck.

8 Responses to "Continuing the Tradition"

  1. Marissa says:

    Happy Half-Birthday, Jessie Girl! What a great way to celebrate Jessie, while also honoring Jud. Lots of love to you, Levasheff family!

  2. Samanta says:

    Happy half birthday Jessie!! Jud will be present in your life forever!
    Sending all my love,

  3. Ken says:

    Dearest Jessie,

    We send you happy half birthday wishes.

    Ken. XX

  4. Michal says:

    First, I hope you don’t mind that I find your blog so interesting that I comment regularly!
    Half birthdays are a great way to celebrate both your kids! Are you going to have a half birthday for Judson in June? Maybe Jessie would like to buy two cupcakes or bake him a cake. My kids always liked to make their own birthday cake when they were very small. When you’re little, it’s pretty exciting to use the electric beaters to stir up a cake mix…not to mention "fun with frosting!" I pull out a kitchen drawer and set a cutting board on it to make a "counter top" of the right height for little ones.
    My three grandkids, Jesus and I ALL have December birthdays! We had a half-birthday for the first child once or twice but didn’t continue the tradition for some reason. You’ve inspired me to start up again. I took one of those colorful "Happy Birthday" banners made of letters and re-cut the two p’s to say "Halfy" Birthday!
    "Halfy" Birthday Jessie!

  5. Michal Ann says:

    I forgot to mention the striking mother/daughter resemblance! Pretty girls!

  6. Jessie, I hope you had a fun 1/2 birthday. You are a lucky girl with such caring parents 🙂

  7. Happy 3 1/2 years darling Jessie!
    What two beautiful girls!
    Christina, you look amazing!!


  8. Dawn Mills says:

    Happy Half-Birthday, Jessie Girl!!!! Hope you had a great day!!!
    As Dalton’s 1/2 birthday is tomorrow, you have inspired me to celebrate this day with him, in honor of Judson and with the thought that every step is so important and each day a reason for celebration.
    Much love….

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