Judson's Legacy

Concrete Relationship

I had an epiphany the other day.

The concept of having a relationship with Jesus has always been somewhat abstract for me.  Most Christians understand the philosophy behind this idea, but the practicality is hard to grasp; how does one have a relationship with a person who is not physically present and does not tangibly respond to conversations, etc.?

I get it now.  I know what this kind of relationship looks like.

Judson is constantly on my mind.  I consider him in so much of what I do throughout my days.  I seek out pockets of solitude where I can write Jud letters, remember and learn from his time here on earth, and ponder how it might be when I am reunited with him in heaven.  He may not be present with me, but I converse with him and long to grow our relationship, despite the distance between us.

This is it.  The way I now relate to Judson is what a relationship with Jesus looks like too.

I want to grow in my love for Jesus so that I find He is constantly on my mind, and that I consider him in my decisions throughout my days.  It means seeking out pockets of solitude so I can journal and write to Him, remember and learn from His life here on earth, and ponder what it will be like when I am face to face with Him in heaven.  Jesus may not be physically present with me, but he promises to be present through His Spirit; I can converse with Him and He actually hears me.

I long for the intensity of my love for Judson to translate into an intense love for my Savior-a real, concrete relationship.

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