Judson's Legacy

Choose the Lens

In one of my frankest moments, I said to Drake, “Don’t you think it’s a little cruel that Judson was born on Christmas Eve, since God knew He was going to die at such a young age?”

“The word ‘cruel’ seems to imply intention,” Drake responded.

“I’m not just implying intent, it actually seems purposeful.  I’m wondering why God would have designed the circumstance this way.  It brings extra pain in a season that will already be difficult, when one would hope it to be joyful.”

As we began to discuss the situation, Drake gently reminded me that this is a circumstance in which we can choose the lens we use to look at our situation.  If we know God’s character is one of love and grace, and that He is always good, then we want to develop eyes to see Jud’s birthday in light of these qualities.

So I began to ponder Jud’s birthday with this perspective…

Because Jud was born on Christmas Eve, we had the most incredible Christmas in 2004.  I cannot imagine a more amazing gift, the gift of a precious babe.  Jud’s death does not erase the quality of this gift, but rather accentuates the tremendous blessing bestowed upon us.

Therein, Judson also shares a special connection with His Savior, the One with whom He now celebrates life in eternity.  Their birthdays are observed almost the same day. So we are not only able to honor the Son of God during the Christmas season, but our son as well.  What a special relationship between the two!

I also realized that because Jud’s birthday is Christmas Eve, it is a memorable date.  Any other date might quickly be forgotten by others, but many may now be reminded of Jud’s birth during the Christmas season.  What a gift to us as his parents—every single remembrance of Jud touches us!

So as we honor Jud on his birthday tomorrow, the day before Christmas, I want to choose to see God’s love and grace.

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