Judson's Legacy


Jessie took her first real train ride to Ventura yesterday.  She absolutely loved it and I think she proved to be the best entertainment for the surrounding passengers as she chatted and asked questions.

For instance, she inquired of the man seated behind us, “What are you eating?”

“I’m chewing gum,” he chuckled.

“Gum?  You’re eating gum?  What’s gum?” she asked.

“It’s something you chew and chew and chew but don’t swallow,” I responded, not quite sure how to define gum.

“You chew and chew and chew it?” she wondered as she moved her mouth in a chewing motion, “But don’t swallow?”

“Yep.” I said, as she looked at me with a perplexed gaze.

She then tapped the knee of the gentleman seated in front of us and asked, “Are you chewing gum?”

He just laughed and laughed seeing as he had become her best buddy on the trip and the object of most of her inquisitions.

It was fun to help Jessie learn about chewing gum on the choo-choo.  In fact, it turns out I put her in her “gumball” pajamas before the trip ended bringing it all full circle.

We had a blast and I think Jessie made the trip on the train a little brighter for others too!

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