Judson's Legacy


Steven Curtis Chapman, a Christian musician, and his wife Mary Beth, tragically and unexpectedly lost their 5 year old daughter last week.  When my friend Keri informed me of their loss, I went numb.  I did not have words or tears, just a sinking pit in my stomach that took me deep into my own loss and made me feel connected to this family in a way I never would have imagined.

I don’t understand how God chooses who He will allow to suffer the loss of their child, but we trust that in seeing the end from the beginning His picture is complete and worthy of our submission; we simply ask Him to sustain us by giving us glimpses into His purposes.

Oh God, the Giver of Life, I do not comprehend Your ways, but I trust You nonetheless.  Not a word I can utter to You, on behalf of the Chapmans, can diminish the intensity of their brokenness.  It hurts to feel so powerless, but it leads me to my knees in surrender.  You know their needs.  You know our needs.  Please come, dear Jesus, please come to all of us in our severe grief!

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