Judson's Legacy

Can I Keep You?

Often times, long before Krabbe symptoms appeared, Jud and I would be playing or talking, and I would be so overcome with his sweetness, cuteness, or humor, that I wanted to savor him forever.  So, I would ask, “Can I keep you, Jud?  I want to keep you forever.  Can I keep you?”  I asked him this regularly.

As I think back to the many times I posed this silly question to Jud, I cannot once remember him answering affirmatively to indicate that I could, actually keep him.  Rather than a resounding yes, Jud always responded with his wry smile and a precious chuckle.

Did he know?  Did he intuitively know that I wouldn’t be able to keep him?

I had no idea how pertinent this question would be when I regularly posed it to him, but very soon I would discover that I, in fact, could not keep him.  Oh, how I miss him so!

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