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Calm My Heart


My hubby, with foresight and wisdom, planned for the two of us to get away to the mountains this weekend and stay in his friend’s cabin.  I have been able to breathe the crisp mountain air, enjoy a view of the valley below, hear the birds chirp in the evergreens, and sit in the sun as it warms my tired body.  The trip has been timely.  But…

My mind keeps racing.  My heart keeps striving.  My soul has been unable to rest.

Oh, dear God, I surrender, knowing my soul finds rest in you alone (Psalm 62).  Please come calm my heart. 



3 Responses to "Calm My Heart"

  1. debbie mceachern says:

    You took a beautiful picture of the valley. I love to look down there from the Rim of the World Hwy. You are right that you think the beauty would soothe your soul, but it doesn’t-only the promises of Jesus that there is a life after death.

  2. Sandy Mitchell says:

    praying for peace of mind and heart and calm for your tender souls. you are loved! Jud is always on my mind and in my heart, never forgotten.


  3. hh says:

    Christina, I’ve been wanting to write or call you for a couple of weeks now. You have been heavy on my heart this whole month, this week, and each day I am praying so much for you and Drake as you painfully remember your last days with your precious son on this earth. My heart aches with you as the 2 year anniversary is approaching quickly. Please know how dearly loved you are at this time, and how much we and others are covering you in prayer and will be remembering Judson and praising God for his life on his 2nd birthday in heaven on November 7th.
    So glad you were able to get away to the mountains–what a wonderful husband you have to plan that!
    Big hugs from Heather

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