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Bound to Him

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I just spent some time this evening answering interview questions for ChristianBookNotes.com.  Our publisher sent them a copy of our book for review and after reading it, Drake and I were honored to have them request a written interview.  The last question really affected me:

7) Can you describe other ways God has used Judson’s life in your life?

This question caused me to weep.  I cannot even begin to express in words the depth of what God has done in my life through our son.  I sat on the couch, computer in my lap, frozen, as tears trickled off my cheeks.  After much reflection, thus was my response…

The gift of Judson’s life has shaped me, the anguish over his suffering and death has reshaped me, and every subsequent breath is bound to him.  Because of Judson I look at the world with new eyes, and I hope and pray they are Eyes that See.

I continue to cry out for eyes that see… eyes that see God.

And as today marks one week from the national release of Judson’s book (Tuesday, April 6th) my heart is filled with an array of emotions from excitement to sorrow to fear, but more than anything our prayer is that God might use Judson in the life of others, that they too might be calling out to God for Eyes that See.


Eyes that See Update

In an effort to keep my blog readers in the loop as to what is happening with Eyes that See, I am now going to frequently post book information at the end of my blog.  Thank you for your support!

  • ~  Eyes that See is currently available online for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Pre-ordered copies of the book will be sent next Tuesday, April 6, on the release date.
  • ~  We are currently offering Judson’s Facebook fans an opportunity to show their suppot of Judson and potentially receive a free signed copy of the book and a $20 GIFT CARD to Amazon.  Click here for more details.
  • ~  Monday, April 5, ChristianBookNotes.com will post their review of Eyes that See.
  • ~  APRIL 6th—It’s official!
  • ~  More to come…

5 Responses to "Bound to Him"

  1. hh says:

    I love your words in your answer to that question. Powerful, and yet represents more than any of us could ever imagine!

    I’m so excited for you as April 6th draws near!! Thinking of you and praying for you each day, and praying for those who will be touched and changed by reading Eyes That See.

    Love you much,

  2. Freya Remmer says:

    Hi Christina,

    The title of your most recent blog, "Bound to Him" caught my attention. Before I read it, I was thinking that it meant "bound to God", and then when I read it, I interpreted it to mean "bound to Judson". Maybe it’s both, huh? I know it’s both, actually. I’m sure it is.

    So ironic the way suffering works… it does this wonderful thing, when we don’t want the "wonderful thing" that it does. It reminds me again of A SEVERE MERCY. I’m trying to surrender to my situation with Zane and receive it as a mercy… something that will always draw me close to God since I need Him so much. Your journey is continually encouraging me to do just that… be "bound to" God. You’re brave to put it all out there like you do.

    Congratulations on your book release… God is big enough to work "all things together for good", isn’t He!



  3. Freya Remmer says:


    One more thing, really quickly…

    I wanted to tell you, too, that the way you’ve expressed your love as a mother for both Judson and Jessie has also inspired me to just love my children more deeply… to really stop and feel my love for them. Does that make sense? It’s a gift that you’ve given me.

    Thank You,


  4. Katrina says:

    Just wanted to stop by to say I noticed your CARS pen for signing books, and it’s a wonderful reminder of Jud’s love for cars of all types. Preciousness!

    I pray eyes, ears and hearts will be ready to receive what they will read when Jud’s book comes to them! May God continue to use your words about Jud’s life to glorify Himself and bring people to Him. May He bring His lost sheep home to Him. May He whisper the power of His love to those that need to hear it. May His Spirit challenge readers to follow His leading. May His story be unfolded in Jud’s story!

  5. Amy Mooore says:

    I so enjoy reading your blogs everyday..I can not begin to imagine the suffering you and your family have been though,and still continue.But keep in mind that you shall see Judson’s sweet lil face once again.I thank you so much for letting me and many other people to get to know a little bit of Jud.I wish I had the chance to meet him.He will forever hold a special place in my heart.He is no truly a Angel,has he always was.I have to watch a video of Jud everyday,Im just so amazed just how very smart he was,and such a cutie,I also love to hear his sweet little voice,and the best of all his laughter.Bless you all Christina,may time heal your pain and suffering..

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