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Blinders Are Off

Little girl with hands covering her eyes

There is a lot of suffering in this world.

I didn’t really see the suffering much before Jud died. Maybe it’s because blinders from the “good life” kept me from noticing it. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t relate to the deep pain around me as much as I do now. Maybe it’s because my life with Judson has now given me a front row seat to the suffering that’s always been there. Maybe it’s because the suffering has actually increased.  Maybe all these factors played a role. Whatever the case, I didn’t really see or feel the suffering in this world prior to Jud’s sickness.

But I sure see and feel it now. My blinders are off. I notice the heartache. I’m pierced by the sorrow. I recognize the evil. I witness the brokenness. I identify the pain. I observe the agony.

I’m glad I see it. I’m glad I feel it. It makes me want Jesus all the more. The suffering in this world leads me to the feet of Jesus.

I just want Jesus.

You’re suffering now, but justice is on the way, when Jesus appears…
~ 2 Thessalonians 1:6-7 (MSG)

2 Responses to "Blinders Are Off"

  1. Linda Swift McDonald says:

    It hurts to see and feel the pain. But it does make Heaven even more sweet!

  2. Christina, you are so right about the suffering, pain, and evil in this world. My own grief has brought me so much closer to Jesus. It seems like most days all I can do is lean on Him for courage and strength to get through the day. But it has also helped me to want to help other hurting and grieving people which in some strange way lessons my pain.

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